Cluttered UIs, Screen shots and Documentation

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An experiement: 1) Take a screen shot of a cluttered UI; 2) do minimal edits; 3) make it easy for a user to quickly find the discussed feature

When I take screen shots for documentation I often hum and haw over the User Interface.

Am I showing too much? Or too little? Can someone glance at the image and easily situate themselves?

Most of the UIs I work with are pretty cluttered. When I take a picture I worry that the focal point gets lost among all the buttons, options, menus and tabs.

I wanted to do a little study of different approaches to screen shots.

I used Microsoft Excel since it has a packed ribbon and dashboard. It isn’t what I work with normally but I thought a new subject might let me see things in new ways.

I want people to focus on Insert Function, the button that opens the Insert Function Dialog box.

I used Snagit and Snagit Editor for everything.

Base image

This is the base image. It’s kind of like a Where’s Waldo at this point.

A screenshot of an Excel Workbook and the Ribbon Menu

Enter the box and arrow

The box contouring the button and the arrow are a classic screen shot online help strategy.

When I first glance at the image I find there is a lot competing for my attention before I settle on the arrow and box. Then it seems the blue arrow is in competition with the green highlighted box.

Blue box contouring Insert Function button, plus a blue arrow

Crop the bottom two-thirds

The next course of action was to crop. I first cropped just the bottom because sometimes users find the close crop too extreme and find it difficult to orient themselves.

Excel workbook cropped on 3rd line of workbook

Crop even more! Tighter! Tighter!

I didn’t like the crop above so I went closer and just showed the relevant corner. I like this and it seems pretty obvious where we are in the application. It focuses on the Insert Function button well.

Excel application screen cropped showing top left corner

I decided to try some edits that take more time.

Would the extra time and effort be worth it?

Adding contrast by dimming the background

We often use a semi-transparent layer with a cutout to highlight the feature we are talking about. In Snagit it is time-consuming to achieve the effect because I don’t have layers to play with.

What I did was create four semi-transparent black boxes around the Insert Function button. You could also put the grey shape over the whole window and then paste the button on top, now that I think of it. That would probably be even easier.

I like the effect but I think the screen shot would be easier to understand if it was cropped.

Dim the background, put a spotlight on the feature

Simplified UI

After I tried my hand at a simplified UI. It’s a pretty trendy way to get rid of details in online help topics and on websites. Facebook and Twitter use it when they are loading.

It took a long time to cover all the details with boxes and even longer to decide on colours. I don’t even think I chose the right ones.

It turned into a longish design exercise and the end result is wonky.

Simplified UI: Text and icons are masked with boxes

Follow my gut, cut, cut, cut

Finally, I just followed my gut and cut out pieces that I found distracting, for example surrounding buttons.

If I was to do it again, I would definitely get rid of that highlighted box, it’s driving me nuts!

Cut out a lot of the text but left menu, cropped